Why I'm Proud to be a fashion blogger!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last week IFB posted a great article titled, What makes you proud to be a fashion blogger?  and it got me thinking..... 

The article by contributor Jess Estrada, starts out with a convo she had with a "fashion industry star" that turned unexpectedly, making her think a lot harder about the term "blogger" vs writer or journalist.... “It’s okay to call you a blogger, right? Because sometimes I've met bloggers who get offended if we don’t call them ‘writers’ or ‘journalists."

When I get called a blogger, writer, journalist - whatever it may be, it makes me proud to know I'm being recognized for my writing. If I'm recognized for my writing, it means my voice is being heard. 

When I think of the term blogger, I put in the same category as writer or journalist. Some may disagree with the comparison, because as a journalism alumni, we were taught to write following journalism ethics BUT from there I think it's the individual's decision on where to take their writing.

Getting a degree in communication, I did "all of the above." I created Tickle Me Chic in college so I could strengthen my skills and get my writing out there more. I also created the fashion column at my college newspaper, working in WordPress. From there I wrote everything from newsworthy pieces to personal style posts. I even did video pieces. Once I graduated, I created a blog for a wedding planner whom I've written for, for over 2 & 1/2 years. I was also the Conscious Fashion Editor for Modern Hippie Mag for a year and half, using WordPress to create, edit and manage content as. Now as a Brand Marketing Manager, I'm constantly blogging, creating content, and being the voice behind the brand. So when I look back at my experience with writing, blogging has had a huge, positive impact on my life. 

While in college, I even wrote a guest post for IFB titled,  
Should Bloggers Adopt a Code of Ethics? In the post, I describe bloggers as citizen journalists, because, that's what they really are. Bloggers can post directly, in real time while journalists usually have to research, interview, photograph etc. I believe bloggers are a one stop shop! Bloggers have created a new approach to writing, allowing the tone to be more personal.

photo from Independent Fashion Blogger post I wrote
What makes me most proud to be a fashion blogger is you create your own destiny. YOU are your own boss, you choose the content to write about and you edit the material - the freedom is amazing! I love focusing on the "controversial" topics in the fashion industry.... it gives me a voice to get those "sticky" topics out there more, like the portrayal of plus-size women or the photo-manipulation epidemic

Personally, I think if more people focus on breaking the misconception of these "taboos," maybe the fashion industry will hear us and start changing the way some do business. I honestly think that it's happening as we speak.... the more bloggers who focus on the tough fashion topics, the more changes we will see. 

I think the biggest difference from blogging to writing is you have an OPINION! When writing news, you're supposed to hide opinion and stay "unbiased" but that's something I love about blogging.... You're able to speak your mind and share your voice! That's why I love being part of Independent Fashion Bloggers..... You have a huge community where you can connect, share, ask questions, get opinions and interact with other bloggers.

Writing is what I love to do. That's why I pursued a communication degree and created Tickle Me Chic. Writing is an outlet for me... when I'm sad, frustrated, happy, excited, I turn to blogging. Even if I don't publish the piece, blogging is my release. Whether it's a controversial piece or a Bloggers Do It Better piece, I'm very proud to be a fashion blogger!


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