Victoria's Secret Fashion Show faves ♥

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, “A Night of a Thousand Fantasies,” was one of my favorites. Starting with the gold glitz and glamour runway-- can I just say, to die for! I want to walk and roll around on it. 

There were six stunning sections that represented women: Pink, Wild Things, Game On, Heavenly Bodies, Tough Love and Country Girls

All of the themes were fabulous! My favorite by far was the "Wild Things"or as I'd like to call it, animal instinct section, followed closely by the "Heavenly Bodies" section with Akon performing his new song, "Angel" while VS Angles were taking the stage.

I adore anything that has to do with peacocks so of course, my favorite wings included the gorgeous feathers. 


Here are some other fabulous highlights from the show:

Selita is a fellow Caymanian ✽

The lovely Miss Katy Perry

Wild Things ♥


Loved these wings and model, Chanel Iman's shoes.

So cupid-esque.

All the gorgeous angels. 

All photos from Selita Ebanks and below are from

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Thursday, November 25, 2010



1 Comment 25 NOVEMBER 2010


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It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and many of us are looking forward to the Black Friday sales – oh wait, I mean spending time with our families and friends! But it’s wonderful (and kind of weird) that so many of the people that influence and support us on a daily basis won’t be gathered around our table; they’ll be hanging around our web address, retweeting our (sometimes) witty comments, liking our latest post on Facebook, etc. Whether or not you celebrate turkey day, as a blogger it’s hard not to be full of gratitude for the resources we share on a regular basis. This week, Tickle Me Chic helps ban the blogging blues, Previously Owned does your holiday gift shopping for you, and Make the World a Prettier Place sums up the reason so many of us are grateful just to be alive (hello? fashion!) with a visual history.



Get rid of those blogging blues

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post and Illustrations by Jody Marich

Do you ever get the feeling that you're not a good enough writer/blogger or that nobody wants to hear what you have to say? I know I do.

We all have our off days or weeks, where we don't get any comments, readership drops, or you just can't think of anything to write, but don't let that discourage you. It used to make me feel like why am I writing or nobody cares what I have to say but if you keep writing, your skills and posts will get better/stronger, and more than likely you will get noticed. Even if it's two or three new followers or comments.

Everyone wants to be unique and have a niche that they cater to, but when there are so many fashion blogs out there not to mention magazines that have bloggers/freelancers, it can get discouraging.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of the blogging blues.

Find a website like Independent Fashion Bloggers or
Bloglovin' where you can become a member and spread your blog.
 Network and mingle online. That's the best way to get you and your blog out there. 
❤ Leave lovely comments. I know I always feel encouraged when I hear "great blog"or "signs of a good writer" and I like to return the favor or follow their blog. 
❤ Make your blog unique like you. Find the perfect colors, background, theme, whatever it may be, make it your space that you can be proud to show off. 
❤ Know you are doing it for you. You enjoy writing about this specific topic and hopefully others will enjoy your posts too.
❤ Google Alerts. Once you figure out what you want to write about, sign up for a Google alert. It's a good way to get some ideas for new posts.
❤ Get inspired! Take a walk, people watch, admire the scenery. Find something that makes you think and turn it into a post.

These are some great posts to help you keep on keeping on and not burn out.
Independent Fashion Bloggers- Want to be a professional blogger?
Vogue Mornings- How not to lose motivation when blogging
Pro Blogger- Ten Tips for writing a blog post
Independent Fashion Bloggers- Burnout aversion tips from bloggers
Taste and Style Files- Keep being you!

We all have our moments of should I stop blogging? but push through those negative thoughts. In the end you might produce your best piece so far. Sometimes you need to sit back and listen to what's going on in the world of whatever you are blogging about. Find something interesting, different, or intriguing, where you can do a little research to make the post that much better. 

Just remember, when your blogging you're doing it for you. It's something that's your passion, whether it's fashion, music, health, beauty, whatever it may be, you're doing it for you and you enjoy this topic. And know somebody out there might stumble upon it and love it too.

Like my little word bubble above says: 
Be proud of your blog, it's uniquely yours. 

Happy blogging XO

Plus size, the media, and fashion industry

Friday, November 19, 2010

I attend Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida for communication, specifically journalism and media production. It's my last semester and I am in Advanced Reporting. This is my most recent news package. It is about the struggle between being plus size and being able to relate to magazines and fashion. 

I focused my piece on the St. Augustine area, but the plus size void is something that is happening throughout the world. 

There is a definite gap and a lot of people would like to see a change. 

Plus size and the media. from Jody Marich on Vimeo.

A special thanks to my interviewees Rachel Bruce and Erin Healy. 

Flower Child

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photos and Writing by Jody Marich
It's my last semester at Flagler college. I am a communication major and I am taking photojournalism. Our most recent assignment was fashion photography. My vision was created by a skirt that I purchased from Urban Outfitters. The skirt gave me my inspiration for a vintage inspired photoshoot with model, Miranda Hall.

Living in St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country, allowed me to choose from a variety of great scenic spots. The train tracks were the perfect choice. 
Enjoy! X

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Thursday, November 4, 2010




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One story dominated my thoughts this week, and I was glad to see an IFB member tackle it in a post. I’m talking about the Marie Claire article. I’m not going to link to it, or even say what it was about, since I assume you dialed in people are familiar with it. [Pulls out soapbox.] The problem with the article, and its apparently apologetic writer, isn’t the ignorance it exhibited, or the hate it might engender, or even, I would argue, the sentiment expressed, although it was certainly the worst example of each. The problem was she used the most demeaning language she could think of to describe a group about which she apparently cares. She used this language and neither her nor her editors nor anyone at Marie Claire saw fit to deny it. And Marie Claire’s ridiculous mea culpa, where they celebrated the “discussion” they had fostered, was like saying the Titanic sinking was good for discussions about marine safety. Worst of all was the author’s own apology: “I never wanted anyone to feel bullied or ashamed after reading this”. So you used the most demeaning language you could think of–edgy!–and called people gross–keeping it real!–and were shocked, SHOCKED, to find them taking offense. I would call her a liar but out of deference to liars, she might just be an idiot. Think before you write – words are powerful.



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