Meow! Trend Alert: cat eye sunglasses

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

By Jody Marich

Tis the season for new shades!
As the temperatures heat up, cat eye shades are the sunnies to try! The classic 50's staple has been revamped.

With designers playing around with the (old) but new trend, this summer cat eye sunglasses are to go to shades. Designers like Alexander Wang and Prada were a few to jump on the bandwagon, using bold statement colors along with oversized, futuristic shapes.

(Alexander Wang: 325$) (Prada:225$)

The oversized version on this classic shade, gives any fashionista the retro chic look for summer. For a bold look, try a pair in statement colors, like gold, pink, or green. Tortoise is another great color to choose.

( 14.80$) Nicole Richie sporting cat eyes

(ASOS: 16.91$) (Foever21: 5.80$)

Cat eye sunglasses are everywhere for s/s 2010. From runways to celebs, everyone is trying this look. Whether you want to spend big bucks or just a couple dollars, this accessory trend is definitely one to try this summer.

(Photo from

Cat eye sunnies are flattering to most. The upswept sides emphasize cheekbones and add definition to your face but make sure you try them on before you buy. You don't want to get lost behind them or have an unflattering fit.

Here are some tips to find the right pair of cat eye sunnies for you.

1. Determine your face shape- is it oval, square, diamond, heart shaped, round, or rectangular?
2. Consider you features- if you have a small face with tiny features, it will be harder to pull off big, bulky sunglasses.
3. Frames should follow your eyebrows
4. Cat eyes are more geometric so they are better suited for angular faces, but don't get discouraged, there is a right pair for everyone, just keep trying!

Remember, Fashion is Fun. It is uniquely you!

World's first Armani Hotel opened in Dubai

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

By Jody Marich

Italian designer Gergio Armani, is broadening his horizons.

Not only is the the famous designer known for his fashion sense but now he is adding architecture and hospitality to his list of expertise. Armani has created his first hotel, which opened today in Dubai. The Armani Hotel Dubai is located in the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower.

Armani used his style to create the hotel using a palette of creams and earth tones. His hotels are designed to embody elegance and beauty.

The website describes his hotels as "places that offer the same kind of welcome to guests as he would privately extend to his family and friends."

Armani partnered up with Emaar Properties, a leading company in development, to create a luxurious collection of International hotels, resorts and residence. He wanted to create a new standard for luxury, bringing his style and hospitality to others.

With 160 guestrooms and suites, and 8 different layouts to choose from, Armani has created a hotel of style and opulence.

I was curious to see prices so I tried an 8 day stay. The average daily rate for the "Armani Studio," the least expensive, costs around 2000$.

Other cities Armani plans to build in include: New York, London, Tokyo and next to open is Milan. Set to be completed in 2010, the Milano Hotel is located in Italy's fashion capital as well as Armani's hometown.

Knowing the designer's art of fashion, I can only imagine how wonderful and stylish his hotels will be.

Diary of a Flagler Fashionisto

Thursday, April 15, 2010

By Jody Marich

A communication major, Ethan Reynolds, loves his clothes. From polos to jeans, totes to shoes, this boy knows style.

The bubbly sophomore invited me into his AMAZING closet. These are a few things I learned about him.

  1. He has an eye for fashion
  2. He has an obsession with fabulous bags
  3. His closet is like a candy store for fashionistas

After taking a tour of his fashion, I was fortunate enough to interview the 20 year old.

Jody Marich: What inspires you when you dress?

Ethan Reynolds: “My clothing choice is inspired by a variety of things; my mood, celebrities, the occasion, the weather, etcetera.”

(some of Ethan's favorite pieces)

JM: Where do you get your fashion sense from?

ER: “I would say that my mother is really the woman who showed me what fashion is, what it means, and how to pertain it to my wardrobe.”

JM: Who is your fashion icon?

ER: “I have a variety of fashionable inspirations such as my mother and Rihanna, however, I do not have a fashion icon per say.”

JM: How would you describe your style?

ER: “I would describe my style as casually sophisticated.”

JM: Where do you like to shop?

ER: “I really enjoy being a sale scavenger so I enjoy shopping department store outlets like, Last Call and Nordstrom Rack, and eBay.”

JM: What is your fashion accessory you can't live without?

ER: “Just out of practicality, I probably couldn't live without my Cole Haan driving loafers or Burberry cashmere scarf but I really enjoy my Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier MM tote.”

As you can see, Reynolds knows a thing or two when it comes to fashion. From his Burberry scarves to his Gucci totes, Reynolds walks out of his house every day knowing that he is a fashionisto.

Diary of a Flagler fashionista

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flagler junior, Chiara Cortesano, is passionate about fashion. Everyday she wears an outfit that expresses her own individuality while still looking chic and stylish.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the 20-year-old and get to know her style.

1. What inspires you when you dress?

"Everything. It could be a movie I just saw, a magazine I just read, a song I just heard or even other people I see out. I take inspiration from everywhere and add my own touch."

2. Where do you get your fashion sense from?

"My parents. My mother is way more stylish than I could ever be. Half of the amazing pieces I have she found for me. I steal from her closet every time I am home. My father is from
Italy and you can definitely tell by his style. They both have an appreciation for fashion which has rubbed off on me."

3. Who is your fashion icon?

"This is a tough one. I would say between Margherita Missoni & Sienna Miller."

4. How would you describe your style?

"I would describe my style as a duet between vintage, feminine, classic pieces & edgy, bold accents."

5. Where do you like to shop?

"I like to shop at The Closet, Goldfinch, American Apparel, Off Saks and a few thrift stores on the island when I am in Saint Augustine. I also like to shop online at Top Shop."

6. What is your fashion accessory you can't live without?

"I cannot live without lip stick. I keep reserves of my favorite colors in case one runs down. I like soft shades of pink for all day and coral reds for night"

Check out Chiara’s Blog:

Top 5 accessory trends!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Working in retail, I see a lot of great and no so great trends. These are my favorite accessory picks for s/s 2010.

1. Headbands: whether it's a bow, embellishment, feathers or flowers this trend is sweeping stores. There are so many ways to wear them!


(Top: Forever 21, Bottom- Urban outfitters)

2. Hair clips & pins: Flowers, bows, ribbons, and jewels, these pretty little accessories spice up any outfit and add a personal touch.

(Forever 21)


3. Turquoise jewelry: from bangles to necklaces, earrings to rings, turquoise is EVERYWHERE. With the boho, gypsy trend being so popular right now, adding pieces like these to an outfit will help you achieve the look.


(Urban Outfitters)

4. Scarves: There are so many ways to wear a scarf. It's the perfect accessory for anytime of year. With so many fun prints, you can't go wrong by wearing one.


(Urban Outfitters)

(the Limited, Buckle)

5. Bib necklaces: These elaborate pieces are the perfect focal point for any outfit. Great for a night out on the town.

(ModCloth, Guess by Marciano)

(Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters)


Remember, fashion is fun. It is uniquely you.

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