Missoni launches budget friendly line for good cause

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Target first, OrphanAid next! 

Designer Margherita Maccapani Missoni has partnered up with Orphan Aid Africa creating a 12-piece knitwear collection with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the organization's aid in finding homes for orphans and abandoned children in Ghana. 

The organization, based in California, is a non-profit organization founded by former Vogue editor and author Lisa Lovatt-Smith in Ghana in 2002 with outlets in Europe. The mission is:
 "To support orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana through programs in care reform, education, and development. Our goal is to ensure that children grow up in safe and permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection."
With one of the outlets being Italy, Missioni has already collaborated with the organization to help fund efforts so it was a no brainer to create a line dedicated to raising money and awareness about the organization.  

The collection will include pieces sprinkled with the label's famous zigzag pattern in pink and red tones. 
"Pink is symbolic, it refers to childhood, and red to Africa, and together they were aesthetically pleasing,” Missioni tells WWD. “The pattern in itself is something that is ours, that belongs to us.”

The budget friendly M Missoni OrphanAid Africa Collection will launch in M Missioni stores November 16. 

No Shave, November!

This one's for the guys! 

 Movember, formally known as November, is all about bringing awareness to men's health, particularly prostate cancer. The month long moustache growing charity event is a global movement, stemming from Melbourne, Australia. Men aka Mo Bros are encouraged to grow out facial hair and sport their "Mos"(moustaches) to spark conversations and create awareness. 

TOMS is one of the many supporters of Movember, launching a limited-edition "Movember" line to shine the spotlight on cancers affecting men. Embroidered on the side, the Mo is the signature for the shoes. Styles were created for both men and women to show support.

 Proceeds from the shoes will go to the Movember foundation. 
The Movember movement becomes bigger each year as the campaign increasingly becomes more popular. In 2010 the U.S. campaign had over 64,000 "Mo Bros and Sistas" jump on the bandwagon, raising $7.5 million while globally the campaign brought in over $80.5 million.
Programs that are funded by the Movemeber movement include, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG, and creating awareness and education. The more information shared with men helps to break stigmas and alter mind-sets to create an understanding of how important it is to get yourself checked out. While the light is being shined on these important issues, men across the world continue to ignore signs, increasing their chances of poor health. 

So guys go out and sport your "Mo" to show your support and help bring awareness to men's health and the Movemeber movement! 

As they say, Moustache season is now open!

** for more information or how to get involved check out the official Movember website. 

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