Hello, October!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Can you believe its October 1st already!?! Me either! BUT I welcome it with open arms.

It's the start of the most fabulous time of year, where the weather is a cooler, your hair stays put a little better, you can add layers upon layers and of course.... wear SCARVES & BOOTS! Oh and let's not forget to mention there is pumpkin EVERYTHING!!! Here's a little humor for ya.... 

There is no escape. Behold the seasonal flavor/terror in Pumpkin Spice: Official Movie Trailer.

With a nickname like "Pumpkin" --given to me because of my love for everything pumpkin-- I found the trailer to be hilarious yet scarily on point! 

And even though the high is supposed to be around 90 today in sunny Florida, I had to celebrate my excitement for my favorite month -which includes our anniversary:} - with my favorite scarf and a piece of pumpkin cream pie!! Yummmm!

So as October officially starts (Rabbits!), here's to cold weather, scarves, boots, comfy sweaters and everything wonderful in the world of Fall! 



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