Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ombrè hair is back and BIGGER than ever. From chalked hair to dyed colors this hair trend is so fun. Celebrities are even sporting the ultra stylish, super easy look.  

I never really thought much about the look until my friend Allison, aka Love Bug, met me for lunch. She had just gotten her hair done and I was obsessed with the look. 

I have pretty long hair, so it can get boring always having the same style. To be honest, I get REALLY bored with my hair, and I just want to chop it all off at times, but I always stop myself because I do love my long hair. 
(hair before)
But I needed a change. I had already scheduled an appointment to darken it with a little hint of burgundy but when I saw that ombrè, it got me. I went to my appointment and my stylist was so excited. I was only the second person she would be doing it on--I SWEAR by my stylist. She does wonders--The whole salon was excited. Customers and stylists kept coming over to see the progress. 

The technique was awesome. Lilly would take pieces and backcomb the hair. It was so interesting to watch. It took about 2 hours since I have a lot of hair and it's pretty long. When it was all finished everyone was in awe. She even took pictures to show other clients. And it inspired her to try it out too! 

It's been about 3 months and I still LOVE my hair! It's so fun. I like to be a little different and my hair is one thing I've always cherished, so this is a fun way to keep it me.  This has honestly been the best color I've ever done.

So if you're contemplating the Ombrè look, just do it! It's a great look for spring and summer and you can be so creative with it. If you are still a little worried, try some fun non permanent looks like chalked hair. The Beauty Department has a great chalk hair tutorial.

I will definitely be keeping this look up, but that's the best part-- there's not a lot of upkeep! I might go a little lighter at the ends in mid summer but I'm loving this trend. It's one more way to express my style. I'm one happy little jojo after! 
(hair after)

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