The big bad DON'Ts of fashion

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

By Jody Marich

Everyone has committed at least one fashion don't but some are more severe than others. With the help of some friends, I created the 10 biggest fashion don't of right now.

1. VPL - the dreaded visible panty line is one of the most loathed fashion don'ts. While many commit the crime, it sucks to see the line. This unflattering look can turn anyone off and make the offeneder look sloppy and messy.

How to avoid this BIG don't?
-Try choosing underwear that covers the whole buttocks area or a lace thong, something that lays flat on the skin.
-Nothing that cuts into your skin or creates the infamous muffin top from the underwear being too tight.
- Nothing that is too loose, which will create a wrinkle under the fabric.

2. Muffin Top, and I don't mean the baked good version. Muffin tops are created by wearing clothing that is too tight. In America we strive to be as thin and cute as possible, but muffin tops ruin any outfit, so choose the right size. Who cares if you have to go up a size, no one else needs to know.

How to fix this faux pas:
-Make sure you pick the RIGHT size. It doesn't matter what size you are, as long as the fit is flattering, that's what matters.
- Pick a different rise. Many times, muffin tops are created by low rise jeans. Choose a rise AND fit that works for your body type.
- Tone up: Getting in shape and toned is always a plus. It makes you feel good and look better. You don't have to whither away, or drop a ton of weight, just tone up the size you already are.
- Choose tops that fit well. Don't wear a top that is too tight or short. Make sure that tummy is covered.

3. VBS- Visible bra straps. This little fashion faux pas has become quite a stir in recent years, as the more skin you show the better. Many think it looks cheap and can ruin any outfit.

How to fix it?
-Meet the brabuddy. This little gadget creates an instant lift and hides those unwanted straps from showing.
-Here are some more great alternatives to hiding bra straps:

4. Just say no to too much cleavage. Too much breast cleavage can cause a person to look trashy and create the infamous "quadraboob". We don't need to see 4 boobs popping out so keep it to yourself. Not to say that a little cleavage never did anyone wrong. When done right, cleavage can give women more sex appeal but too much equals too many boobs.

How to fix this faux pas:
- Wear the right bra and make sure it is the right size.
- Wear shirts that fit well, too tight can cause the quadraboob too.
- Keep it classy. Just make sure you aren't hanging out all over the place. Leaving little to the imagination can be a turn off.

5. Socks with sandals. This seems to be a big annoyance with a lot of people. If you are going to wear sandals don't wear socks with them, plain and simple. Heels and socks are another no-no. It just looks like childish.

6. Work clothing with sneakers. This is a BIG no no. When dressing for work, you should look professional and put together not, business on top, gym on bottom.

How to fix this:
-Find comfortable shoes. Flats are always a cute alternative.
- Bring a pair of comfy shoes to change into once the day is done.

7. "Mom jeans". Saturday Night Live fueled the infamous term, "mom jeans" with a skit aboutAdd Videothe jeans. *Click here to watch*. These jeans usually come in a high waisted fit that doesn't have much shape or style to them. Pleating, tapering and bad washes all cause the look to be even worse. Mom jeans also hit to body in unflattering places and create the horrible "Long Butt".

How to fix this horrible choice of denim:
- Jeans are so popular now and there are so many rises to choose from, that still have a flattering fit.
- Choose something like a boot leg or slight flare. It will balance out the body and make you look more shapely.

8. Wearing the wrong colors. Mixing colors is a great idea or having that pop that pulls the outfit together but some just clash. Learn what colors look good on you and stay away from ones that wash you out or make you look pasty. Wearing the wrong colors can cause you to look sickly or older than you really are.

Here is a few websites that can help you determine you skin color:

9. Exposed underwear. Guys and girls commit this crime all the time. You bend over and out pops a thong, boxers, briefs, whatever it is, it is meant to be under the clothes, hence the word underwear.

How to fix this faux pas:
- Before leaving the house, sit down or bend over to make sure your unmentionables aren't hanging out.
- If you are wearing low rise bottoms, wear underwear that is the same cut. (The girl in the above photo, DEFINITELY didn't pick the right underwear.)

10. Too much makeup. Caked on makeup usually creates the horrible foundation line, which is when the foundation isn't blended into the skin. Makes sure you blend so you face isn't a different shade from the rest of your body. Too much eye liner and lipstick can make a girl look like a hot mess.

Make sure you are dressing for YOUR body. Don't try every style out there. Petite, Tall, Full figured, every person is unique so know how to dress the assets you have and don't accentuate the flaws.

Remember, fashion is fun. It is uniquely you.


Collette Osuna said...

Hello..I saw you link at IFB...great it..and these are all so true!!! Im your newest follower:)

Stop by and say hello:)

Jody said...

Hi there! thank you so much :) feel free to keep in touch, I always love to hear from other fashionistas!

Ginger said...

Love these rules EXCEPT, socks with heels. It's a great way to dress heels down for day, it just has to be done with the right outfit so you end up looking more Fashion Week than Catholic school girl :)

And as for business attire + sneakers, how's this for horror. Living in DC, many people, men and women, carry around comfortable shoes to run around the city in and then dress shoes for congressional hearings or meetings. Some of them wear shape-ups when going between these appointments. Like Skechers style, athletic, unbalanced bottom, tone-up sneakers that are enormous. And look impossibly horrific. Or crocs.

Jody said...

Hey there! thank you for the comment, I agree with you on the heels, SOME socks can work. It was more about the socks with sandals but when I did the poll I had a few people add those in too.

And as for work attire with sneakers, it IS horrific, and I am sorry you have to see it so often lol! and I do despise crocs.

Thanks for looking around! I love hearing from other fashionistas!

A said...

found you on ifb, love your blog posts! i love the effort you put into having a great blog :}

Jody said...

Thanks so much! I am glad you like it. I love hearing from others! :)

devilishlypleasurable said...

great post Jody, love fashion dosanddon'ts like this one! (although i must confess that i love shoes and socks)

Anonymous said...

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