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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“When you dream alone, with your eyes shut, asleep, that dream is an illusion. But when we dream together, sharing the same dream, awake and with our eyes wide open, then that dream becomes reality!”

I thank my lucky stars each day for everyone I have in my life; my supportive family, friends, wonderful boyfriend, but not all care about fashion like I do. It's a nice, refreshing change to be able to just talk about dreams, fashion, where fashion is going; all the things I hope to one day be writing about for that "dream job" of mine.

It's something you're able to bond over. It helps us push through when we want to give up on our dreams or just don't feel like you're good enough. Those friends are the one's I can really thank for helping me push through the writer's block and keep dreaming big. This post is dedicated to you! 

So without further adieu meet my friends who share in my same passion and inspire me in more ways than they know.

Meet Jessica: Jes and I went to school together, and as time went on, I was able to watch our passion for fashion grow. We keep in touch pretty regularly through Twitter, sharing updates on life. Now, a freelance graphic designer and a Visual Merchandising creative, she is a fashion stylist and occasional PR assistant for Topshop in Chi town. She has continually reached for the stars, having so many wonderful opportunities come her way because of her creativity and determination.

While in college her passion began to grow. She took a fashion merchandising class while getting her BFA Graphic Design degree and never looked back. "Through out my entire college education my inspiration for design was the fashion world, the way articles of clothing worked together to tell a story was much like the design process of a graphic project. Now in my fashion career, graphic design oddly enough has become an inspirational passion for my styling and visual design work."

Her inspiration comes from pretty much anything and everything. When she sees something, she files it in her memory (or computer). "I collectively pull inspiration from a multitude of sources...  From there I will edit through the images I have saved or seen, to find the common aspect to which is evoking the connection. And in that moment, that is what is inspiring me." Jes is currently finding a lot of inspiration in European street style (a great area to look into for inspiration) but that's not the only place she looks.  "I also draw heavily from uniquely crafted store interior design as well as graphic design work from designers I admire. I also work closely with other stylists, visual designers and a relay of idea's."

Jes definitely has a knack for fashion, and she keeps making new goals, encouraging her to keep going after her passion. "As a designer I recognize the need for artistic visions to come alive. I also have always been fascinated by creating and reinforcing character through wardrobe. With things in the world every few moments, it challenges me, pushes me to new levels of fashion and design exploration. In hopes to one day pair the two so well together I create the ultimate experience."

Advice is essential when it comes to going after your dreams. Jes has always believed in keeping up with the ever evolving fashion industry so you know how to mold your dream into reality. "It's so important once you start your career to pay attention to how it is evolving, how you, your likes, what you find is inspirational is evolving and create your career that way. Edit the people you allow to give you advice on what to do with your life, especially when it comes to achieving your dreams. No one knows better than your intuition and the people that have made it. Do things that will only manifest into something greater."

Meet Erick: We met while working at Express and through our love of fashion and his amazing illustration talents, we became friends. His passion and progress is so inspiring, continually growing and achieving his dreams.
"My illustrations are heavily influenced on fashion through content, mood, palette, pattern or all of the above. In real life I love to change ''styles'' of dressing...I think it goes back to the idea of transformation which fuels my creativity and imagination."

His inspiration comes from all outlets of life. "Beautiful people inspire me. It sounds superficial but the people I find beautiful are not always the type you'd find as a centerfold in a mag. I find beauty in deep thinkers and those labeled ''reserved'' or ''quiet...'' I am also inspired by happy people. Audrey Hepburn once said something along the lines of, 'happy girls are the prettiest girls.' There is beauty in a genuine smile and acts of kindness. People in general inspire me.

Right out of college Erick landed an amazing job at Abercrombie & Fitch. His graphic design and illustration skills, along with his love for fashion has created an exciting new journey for him, pushing him to always do better. "Whether ''it'' is drawing, dressing, or designing graphic tees- when I see something cuter than what I've done, my battery is instantly recharged. It reminds me that I have a lot to learn AND see and whilst I'm sitting on an idea, someone is out there executing it and doing it better."

His advice to anyone who has a big dream is "Keep reminding yourself why you fell in love with your dream. Whether it was an escape, a discovery, or something that made someone smile- relive that feeling whenever you feel like throwing in the towel."

Last but CERTAINLY not least is love bug.

Meet Allison: A fashion junkie at heart, we made a lasting bond working at Express. Over the last four years we've shared all aspects of our lives: dreams, heartache and happiness. She is one of the people that keeps me going when I want to quit. We share dreams of moving to LA or Miami and making it big. We share in each other's dreams, that's what's so special about having best friends, whether they share in your passion or not, they believe in you.

She has always been a stylish girl in my eyes, but she swears her "lack of style" in middle school haunts her to this day. That "lack" has now turned into an underlying passion for fashion that continues to grow each and every day.  "I think everyone has to go through those moments in life, because they are the backbone of what makes you, YOU! I began to spend at least 30 minutes every night trying on clothes, finding the best suitable outfit to showcase my fashion at school the next day." 

Express was the last piece of the puzzle for her. " I felt like I was home. That store was unlike all of the other stores and it gave me a sense of independence and freedom to dress the way that would fit me best. Ever since then, my passion for fashion has turned into a huge part of my life. It consumes me and I wouldn't have it any other way."

She is a people watcher too. I think you almost have to be when you're a lover of fashion, but Allison is inspired by people. "I love to see, no matter how crazy, what people decide to put on their body. It's a reflection of your mood, as well as your personality," she said. " My main inspiration would probably be my friends and the people I surround myself with."

As for her passion, Allison never slows down. She lost her father when she was 18 but still keeps him close to her heart, remembering a saying he taught her, "Dream & Do." Always dreaming extra big, she knows one day she will make them reality with all the support she has. "Besides having a huge bookcase of fashion books that I get to walk by everyday and the most inspiring friends a girl could ask for, I have a dream. My dream is to one day make it in the industry as a stylist. And when I get there, the people that inspire me will be the people I thank. Because not only have they made a huge difference in the way I dress, they have kept me going after what I believe is achievable."

When it comes to our friendship, there is two things we always agree on: go after your dreams, and keep your passion alive. "Having a best friend who shares the same knowledge of fashion is the biggest motivator ever. I think it is so crucial that you surround yourself with people that care about you, and not only themselves. When I say that, I don't mean that they have to have a passion for fashion. It simply means that having people close to you that want you to succeed will only better your life."

Allison has always given great advice and she lives by her own daily. She is one of most positive people I've ever met! "Never settle for what is available to you at that very moment. Everyone is always telling me that fashion is the hardest industry to get involved in, and that I should change my dream to something a little more realistic. And you know what I have to stay about that? I love fashion and I refuse to settle for anything other than what I dream of! So get out there and reach that dream! Nothing is impossible if your heart is in it."

These are just some of the amazing people in my life who share the same passion I do. With their success and advice, they keep inspiring me to push through and never give up.

I've been very blessed to have so much support and so many people believe in me.  Just remember, DON'T EVER GIVE UP!! You have to believe in YOU and stay positive, like my dad always says, ABR BABY! (ask believe and receive)

We all need a little boost now and then, and just know people out there are rooting for you to succeed! 
So keep reaching for the stars. 
Become your dream. #profound #quotes

Summer Style Essentials

 Summer is well on its way and it's time to figure out summer essentials to make you sizzle.

Spring and summer months always have bright, bold colors with lots of prints and accessories to express style. One of my favorite hair trends is flowers in your hair. Braiding flowers into your hair is a great way to get hair out of your face while looking cute and fresh, ready for the heat of summer.  

Once you've got the hair out of the way it's on to outfitting. I LOVE the trends this spring and summer. Neon, tribal, fringe, cutouts, it's all such fun, expressive ways to showcase your style.

Tank dresses are a must have for summer. I bought a similar one from Urban Outfitters and I love wearing it. It's so comfortable yet different with the asymmetrical hemline.  Try finding a tank dress with something unusual about it, a cut out back or tribal print, something that makes it stand out. Combining the neon obsession with chunky bracelets is a great way to brighten up your summer wardrobe. If you're going from day to night, switch out the gladiator sandal for a bold, color blocked heel, perfect to make you standout in the crowd. 
Summer is upon us

Everyone needs at least one pair of perfect summer shorts. Whether it's jean shorts or neon pink sailor shorts, if you don't have a pair, make that a priority for your summer shopping list. Use the shorts as a base for your outfit, building the look around them. I personally love rings and bracelets so layering those with a cross body bag and a fun crop top or bralet is the perfect summer days outfit. 
Summer fun

 And don't forget, sunscreen is a definite must when it come to those scorching hot summer months!

Hope these tips inspire you create some bold new looks for summer. Whether you use pieces in your closet or have a summer style shopping spree, remember fashion is fun. It is uniquely you. 

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