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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vogue Italia has launched a new online section featuring curvy, full figured ladies!

Three curvy bloggers have been signed on to help start out the site, but Vogue is planning on recruiting more.

The site highlights women who love their curves and are happy with who they are. It also shows that having curves can equal sexyness and self confidence.

They feature actresses and plus size models who have embraced their fuller silhouettes to become style icons. These women share their insights on how to look fabulous and trendy no matter what size you are.

The site includes, interviews, curvy icons ( America Ferrera) how-to's, accessories, news, blogs and much more.

Stay Fabulous!
Check it out:


Channeling Chanel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From the runways to sidewalks, temporary tattoos are the "haute" accessory trend for spring 2010. Designers like Jean Paul Gautier and Chanel displayed these sexy details during their runway shows. Decorating the body has become the new jewelry for 2010.

Chanel has created a new line of temporary tattoos, called, Les Trompe L'Oeil de CHANEL Temporary Skin Art. The classical touches of Chanel combined with the edgy look of tattoos creates a sexy and seductive look that anyone can sport.

The exclusive and limited edition tattoos just went on sale earlier this month. With design ranging from the famous double c's to rosary beads and lace, these tats are super cute. A pack of 5 sheets that include 55 unique tattoos costs around $75, which is really inexpensive for Chanel.

The description from the Chanel website is:

"Fifty-five exclusive temporary tattoos in all, originally hand-drawn by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, for the Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris. Artful images of CHANEL symbols and icons, including Oriental cherry blossoms and birds, can be mixed and matched for unlimited effects."


The new trend is a perfect accessory for the edginess that has been so obvious since fall 2009.

With the mixture of feminine and edgy details, these tattoos will get some fashionistas super excited. Would you ever try this trend?


Kardashians Bebe Collection Unveiled!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sitting front row at the Kardashians Bebe fashion showcase, Kim Kardashian looked fabulous wearing one of the pieces - a super cute stretch mini dress under a leather cropped corset.
(Photo from AP/Jason DeCrow)

As you can tell from this adorable dress, the line included girly pieces with an edgy touch.

The brunette threesome all added their own twists to the line. While collaborating with Bebe, each sister had different pieces that were more their style, including a sexy wrap dress by Kim, which I absolutely LOVE!

(Photo from AP/Jason DeCrow)

Kim sitting front row, looked gorgeous and proud as she watched her and her sisters designs strut down the runway.

The line consists of jersey knits, leather separates, and fitted blazers, as well as super short mini dresses, some with cut outs, and an array of other pieces. Models had the Kardashian-esque makeup, with sultry, seductive eyes. The curve hugging clothes accentuate the best assets of women's figures.

(AP Photos/ Jason DeCrow)

In a backstage interview Kim described the line. "Not everyone is the same size and we wanted to do something that kind of represents that, since me, Khloe, and Kourtney, all have such different body types and we wanted the pieces to be able to fit each of us."

Kourtney designed the boyfriend blazers and rompers because her style is "more loose fitting and bohemian."

Khloe's pieces were more edgy, including the mini dress (above) that Kim wore to the show.

And Kim of course focused more on the sexy, figure flattering dresses.

The collection hit stores last week and has been in high demand.

With these super cute designs the Kardashian sisters are sure to do well!


(Photo from

Tighten Up!

Monday, February 15, 2010

With cool temperatures lingering, tights are the perfect wardrobe piece to keep you and your legs warm!

The style dilemma that we all have during the winter months is showing our pasty legs, but tights are the perfect solution for looking cute and stylish while still being practical.

With so many patterns, textures and styles there are endless possibilities on the type of style approach you want to take.

First and foremost are opaque tights. These can range from dark colors, like black or brown to hot pink and blue. It all depends on the style you are going for. These colored tights can spice up any ordinary outfit by giving it that little edge and giving you that pop of color.

Jewel tones and darker tights seem to be the more popular colors but with spring around the corner, more people will be choosing bright colors. When venturing out into the world of bright colored tights keep in mind that the brightness brings more attention to your legs so make sure you are comfortable showing them off and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Textured tights are a great way to create a more feminine look. Textures include lace, fishnets, polka dots, ribbed and a variety of patterns like plaid. These tights give your outfit detail, whether they become the focal point of your outfit or compliment what you are wearing, this tight is always a good choice to have.

(Forever 21)


Shoes that look great with tights include, boots, ankle boots, flats, heels, and peep toe, just to name a few.

This trend can be paired with dresses, skirts, and dressy shorts. My favorite look is the sweater dress paired with tights and boots/ booties. You look super cute while staying warm.

(photo from

If you like going out at night but want to say warm, try pairing a tight with a cute party dress and heels. Use accessories to spice up the outfit so you look HOT while staying warm.

As the rocker, 80’s inspired trends roll on, if you want to go crazy, try cut out, ripped or studded tights. This look gives you that rocker edge that is totally hot right now. As said before, keep in mind that the embellishment will bring more attention to your legs so be prepared.

Tights also come in many lengths.

  • The capri tight hits at your calf, for those days where temperatures rise.
  • The ankle tight hits right at your ankle while still revealing your foot.
  • The full length tight covers the whole foot, a great choice for those cold days.

Remember fashion is fun it is uniquely you!


What a way to start off Fashion Week

Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen - a true fashion icon

The wonderful Alexander McQueen was found dead this morning in his London home. Just days before London Fashion Week begins, and about a week after his beloved mother's death.

E! news said that McQueen tweeted last week, "I'm letting my followers know the my mother passed away yesterday if it she had not me nor would you RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx."

The designer was supposed to have a showing today, at 3 p.m. in New York for Fashion Week, but it was canceled because of his unfortunate death.

McQueen regularly dressed fashion forward celebrities and was an icon to many in the fashion world. He will truly be missed.(photo from the Fashion Windows website)
(Spring 2010 Collection)

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