Fashion Features: Fedora Flair

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have so many wonderful friends who are into fashion, so I thought, "Why not feature them!" I am excited to introduce some of the fabulous fashionistas I call friends.

Meet Erica. 

This outgoing shoe lover has a unique style that revolves around her enormous, not to mention fabulous,  shoe collection. With more than sixty pairs of shoes, she usually puts an outfit together by choosing from her wide assortment of styles and colors.

However, this time, it wasn't all about the shoes for this fashionista.  Erica was inspired by another stylish accessory, the fedora. 

I was really inspired when I saw the fedora. To me, it has a vintage mood about it. I knew I wanted a menswear influenced look so I paired it with a black vest and my beloved BCBG pinstripped pumps. I cuffed my jeans to flow with the vintage ambience of the fedora. Plus I just love the look of cuffed jeans. I threw on a delightful new purchase called The Tools of the Trade necklace, which I feel adds to the tomboy vibe. I love this look because of the eclectic nature of it, I feel uniquely me in it. I've never really loved patterns so I stuck with solid colors to stay true to my style. That's also why I went with a dark wash skinny jeans. 9 out of 10 times thats what I'm wearing! Additionally I love the versitality of this outfit. You could pair it with a million different shoes and color combos to create a completely transformed look!- Erica C.

Love your look Erica, from head to toe! Thanks for sharing and hope you all enjoy xx

Remember, fashion is fun. It is uniquely you

Fun fact:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The average woman now buys half her body weight – 62lb – in clothing in just one single year, according to new research..... Do you agree?

The Academy

Friday, May 20, 2011

My first Blogger's do it better assignment, White Stripes, went off without a hitch! I LOVED the "white out" theme. I was so eager to see what Kristina, the creator of Pretty Shiny Sparkly, would come up with next. 

This assisngment was WAY harder for me to create a look for. My style is more boho chic than anything so when I read the challenge, Prep School, I thought uh-oh! After recruiting my friend Miranda to participate, and borrowing a tie from one of my favorite fashionisto's, Dave, the outfit and look was complete. 

So without further adieu, welcome to.... 
I knew I wanted plaid in my outfit. It's a staple in any prepster's wardrobe so my friend and co-manager Dave brought in a few for me to pick from. I chose this pink, yellow, white,  green and navy blue plaid tie and from that single piece, my outfit was created. He also lent me a belt, matching pretty closely to the  plaid in the tie. 

Miranda was intrigued by the challenge. We met up on Tuesday to discuss options and she sent me picture texts for opinions of "preppy." Low and behold, two days later,  she conquered the look fabulously. She had forgot a tie so she cleverly took her pearl necklace and made it into one.  

To create The Academy look we researched different trends and styles that fit into the "American Prep" category. Our outfits ended up becoming a mixture of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger with just a little bit of edge.

While this assignment was more challenging, it was still really fun to participate. I had a wonderful time planning my outfit as well as helping Miranda put hers altogether. In the end, being a prep really isn't all that bad ;)

 The Blogger's do it better movement has been an exciting new thing to look forward to. I can't wait until the next assignment! 
P.S. It really is fun to take a chance with your style!  Remember, fashion is fun, it is uniquely you♥
Enjoy xx

**A special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who was our photographer. 

White stripes....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am really excited to do my first post for "Bloggers Do It Better." This is a new movement of amazing fashion forward bloggers who are given an assignment from creator and blogger, Pretty Shiny Sparkly,  to complete, stylishly with their own unique twist on the project. 

This week's challenge is "White Out." Working in retail, I get to see the latest "IT" trends and white is DEFINITELY  the trend of the moment. I chose a boho chic look with a trendy twist. Maxi dresses and skirts are my personal favorite trend right now so I wanted to focus my attention around this precious striped dress from Forever 21.  

I wanted to funk it up by using another favorite color trend, camel, as accessories with gold undertones. 

As soon as I heard the look was white I knew immediately I wanted to take pictures at the beach. What better place to take pictures, in a white outfit, then at the beach where the sand is powder white? It was the perfect backdrop.

This was a really fun assignment. It inspired me to show off my style a little more. I am usually not a fashion blogger who likes to blog about her personal style but this new group has given me  more confidence to share my looks.

Hope you like "White Stripes," and remember, fashion is fun, it is uniquely you
**Special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, who was my amazing photographer. ♥ xo

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