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Monday, January 17, 2011

By Jody Marich 

Only being in Berlin for two days, I am still getting used to the time difference so I missed the Golden Globes. After waking up at 6:30 a.m., I looked at some red carpet fashions and noticed a big green trend. More forest and emerald green than anything. The darker tones are more romantic, giving off an elegant vibe, perfect for the red carpet. 
(Getty Images)
This picture of Mila Kunis, is the perfect example of going green. She kept it elegant with the sheen and draping of the fabric but still had a sexy, playful side with the one shoulder detail. Being nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Kunis went all out and had the dress custom made in only 4 days. The emerald beauty was made by the always fabulous Vera Wang. 

Check out some other celebrities green with envy. 
(Collage made by me/ photos- Getty Images/TMZ)
Another ongoing trend I have a secret obsession for is nude tones. Some actresses pulled it off seamlessly as they worked it on the red carpet. 

Nude tones can be so elegant and sophisticated if you wear them right. The soft hues, gives off a very romantic feeling. 

These starlets had the right idea. While Dianna Argon and Carrie Underwood kept it simple and classic, with little accessories, Julie Bowen and Milla Jovocich, spiced things up a with one shoulder detail and draped fabrics. 
(Collage made by me/ photos- Getty Images/MTV)

Some others that tried nude, weren't as lucky in their choices. 
(Collage made by me/ photos- Getty Images/MTV)
While Scarlett Johansson's dress sparkled, the tone was all wrong for her. It blended in with her skin tone too much, even with the sparkle. And the plunging neckline along with the flutter sleeve created an oversized look for the tiny actress. Michelle Williams channeled her inner hippie, wearing a daisy detailed dress by Valentino. Williams always has a down to earth style, but the dress didn't look elegant enough for the Golden Globes. Leighton Meester's Louis Vuitton dress was not right for her. She tried to combine too many trends into one dress, and being a small girl, it did nothing for her. Meester should have chosen a dress more her age, and maybe had her hair up. 

Heather Morris did a pretty good job, except I thought the dress was a little simple for her. I will say though, it does give her a great figure and her makeup was gorgeous. 

One more actress I have to write about is Sandra Bullock. Love love love her bangs. She wore them so well. I think it is a great transition for her look. It gives her more style sense. Her played up eyes and fierce bangs made a great look for Bullock. 
If these trends have any say in what's to come for fashion, nude tones will be staying around, while more green hues pop up. 

Congrats to all the winners for the 2011 Golden Globes


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Aside from the fact an established actress such as Ms. Jolie can not be confused for a starlet, and you've just referred to a married woman as Miss, I think you've got a good post here, and some beautiful example of celebrity style, and fashion trends.
I personally loved Scarlett's dress on her, but the critic were mixed about. Hands down for me, the winner of style of the evening was movie siren, Angelina Jolie. -Bella Q

Jody said...

Thank you for the comment. I was mixed about Scarlett's dress but it just blended too much with her skin. I love hearing from other ladies of fashion. xo

mlhall01 said...

Bullock rocked those Bangs last night! But I'm completely SHOCKED with Jolie's gown... so not flattering for her! She's in her 30's... not her 80's!

Jody said...

I agree 100%. Thanks doll for the comment <3

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