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Sunday, January 9, 2011

By Jody Marich 
A lot of collections for spring 11' seem to have a 1970's vibe. Working in retail, I noticed a lot of long, flowy tops and dresses with retro/ flower prints. 

I always had a hidden love for fashion of the '70s. When we began receiving spring shipment in at Express, I was in heaven. 
This is a dress, (above), that I had to have. Since it still is a little cool out, I pair it with black tights, camel boots and my favorite belt, which I bought at the same time as the dress. I loved it because it's a vintage look but with a care free vibe.
This is my version of the outfit, for the colder months. 

Sheer and satin fabrics are making a big comeback along with florals. Every year there is a degree of florals in spring fashions, but this year the florals are bold and sporadic, leaving the fashionista more options. 

Another great addition to spring collections has been the cinched waist. This allows a belt to be easily added to break up the pattern, giving the outfit another dimension of style. AND once again, allowing you to have more options on how to wear the look. 

Flare jeans are another BIG trend for spring. I am seeing everything from white to distressed flares. Dress pants have jumped on the bandwagon too. 

Here are a few more sites to check out the '70s influence in spring 2011 fashion.

❝A new generation would be lucky to experience some of the high points of the '70s....We thought we had invented freedom and our clothes reflected that. Somehow, young people today look at it and embrace it. It's an era of optimism, creativity, freedom. Most important, it feels totally relevant.❞
--Diane von Furstenberg


loveandpeaceF said...

That dress looks great on you, and I am LOVING the new 70's trend...I think i'm a hippie at heart :P


Jody said...

Thanks doll <3 xo I think we all have a little in us :)

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