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Thursday, January 20, 2011

By Jody Marich 

Street style sites used to be so popular and granted, some still are, but the new age way to show"street style" are personal style blogs like, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Magpie Girl, and of course sites like Chictopia, described as "People's Fashion Destination" and LOOKBOOK,  collective fashion consciousness. These online websites are known around the world, as sites to post outfits or like LOOKBOOK says, "THE INTERNET'S LARGEST SOURCE OF FASHION INSPIRATION FROM REAL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD."

Having been featured over 20 different times, Chictopia has become one of the fashion network hotspots. The trend setters can demonstrate their funky fashions, give tips, show inspiration and even be featured on other sites like Teen Vogue, for their unique style choices. 

Websites like The SartorialistStreetpeeper and Facehunter,  still post on a pretty regular basis, with The Sartorialist being most well-known, but if you Goolge, "street style websites" most haven't updated in awhile.

Many people are taking charge of their fashion, creating blogs about their personal style, like What I WoreJessica Quirk, creator, posts pictures almost daily displaying her style, along with tips and other style related write ups. Since becoming so popular, the blogger style star has been featured multiple times while Tumblr--her blogging platform-- is sending her along with about 20 other fashion bloggers to NYFW in February to write about their experiences. Quirk also has a book coming out later this year. Just goes to show you, if you love your style, take the leap and post your own looks. Be proud and confident about your look.

Fashion has always been a trending thing, but since the internet boom, more and more people can see into a different world of fashion, literally. Select a country and you can easily see the style from any of the websites I mentioned.

Before arriving in Berlin, DE, I was curious about the fashion so I researched some of these sites and found what type of style people are sporting. 

Here is an example from LOOKBOOK.:
This gives you plenty of choices from countries to brands. It's very easy to step into another country and see what fashion looks like. 
Here are a few more personal style sites that are great sources for fashion inspiration:

Here is a list of the 99 most influential fashion blogs and beauty blogs, including The Coveted, What I Wore, The Sartorialist,  Independent Fashion Bloggers and many others that cater to showing what is trending, on themsleves or others. What's nice about IFB, is they cater to all kinds of fashion blogs, not just ones about personal/street style. While many members post pictures, they usually include more information that helps the reader, like where to buy or  how to wear a certain piece. 

Street style has always been fascinating, but when you can post your own photos displaying your individual style, I think it draws more readers in because you can build a rapport with your readers and explain how you got your look, unlike many street style websites.

What's your opinion? Do you think personal style websites have become the new street style era or do you think street style websites are the best way to see different styles around the world?

Remember, fashion is fun. It is uniquely you


mlhall01 said...

I absolutely ADORE this post! I wish something like this was more prominent when I traveled though Italy/Austria a few years ago... The last thing I wanted was to stick out like a sore thumb and automatically be labeled as "An American". It would have been nice to adopt the items that were fashionable to the region at that time. Great piece, Miss Marich!

Jody said...

Thank you gorgeous! you always have such uplifting words :) xo

Kim said...

Sites such as Chictopia and Lookbook are more successful because there are so many bloggers who are looking for recognition and these sort of sites give the impression that they can give that to you. For instance, we all hope to be in the spotlight or we want to be picked as a favorite on Chictopia. The sites are a good collection of styles, and I'll use them if I want to find a new blog sometimes, but I still think individual blogs are way cooler and more inspirational than sites like these. Personally, I'm not such a fan of streetstyle blogs, I prefer blogs where people make their own content & post their own outfits. That's just my opinion :)

Jody said...

I agree! I like individual blogs because you can learn more. You can see someone's style and more than likely they will post how they got the look or where they got the pieces. What I am trying to say in the post is that's more of where it is going. actual street style websites are out but more individual blogs and style communities are becoming popular.

Thanks for the comment. Love your blog.
xo, Jody

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loveandpeaceF said...

Great post! I definitely agree with you here! personal fashion blogs let you get to know the blogger and feel like if THEY can be that outgoing and fashionable, then so can you! :)


Jody said...

Thank you doll. I think it's the new way to express what's going on in the fashion world. Have a great day x

Anonymous said...

Hey there sister,
Talk about street style. check out my 30 Day Fashionista vids on my blog called A Fashionista Sista. I even pulled off fresh fashion fully pregnant in my latest vid.

I came across you on IFB. We should be friends. Much love sista. Mwah! Mary.

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