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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

As the release of the old classic, Alice in Wonderland, creeps closer, the fashion world has taken notice of Tim Burton's eccentric and whimsical designs.

The sweet, innocence of Alice mixed with the dark, twisted ideals of Burton, have created a fashion frenzy for designers and the fashion world. They have been inspired by Burton's creations, adding goth like pieces with touches of femininity.

Donatella Versace referenced Alice as one of her inspirations for her spring/summer 2010 collection of flowing pastel gowns.

Disney is even launching a line! Disney Consumer Products collaborated with designer Sue Wong to create a high end dress line inspired by the movie. It's a special limited edition spring line that has just launched called: Sue Wong for Walt Disney Signature. Pieces are influenced by key characters including Alice, The Red Queen, The White Queen, the White Rabbit and the talking flower garden. There are unique details while incorporating femininity and romance. The collection can be found at department stores like Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Nordstrom's to name a few and you can also check the pieces out @ Sue Wong for Alice in Wonderland.

(from the Disney Blog)

With many s/s 2010 collections channeling their inner wonderland, some pieces to look out for are: bow headbands, OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polish collection, fantastical pieces, and Alice in Wonderland inspired jewelry. The jewelry below are from Tom Binns who created pieces like the Mad Hatter wrap bracelet (below) and the Tea Party pendant necklace (below). Both I absolutely LOVE!

Tom Binns: $ 178 Tom Binns: $66

One of my favorite pieces inspired by AIW is this long chain pocket watch necklace for $28.00 @ Urban Outfitters: it's FABULOUS!

Stores around the world are creating whimsical window displays to recreate the look and feel of the highly anticipated movie.

The key to Alice's appeal is that she is liked among everyone: adults and children. She is a human who has a sense of wonderment. She is a girl who is sophisticated yet whimsical while still being feminine and cheery. The characters wear creations that are appealing yet fantastical. With the movie incorporating high fashion while still focusing on the whimsical wonderment, the fashion industry has hit the ground running with pieces inspired by AIW.

Enchanted pieces are springing up everywhere. There is already an influence that the movie has made on the fashion front, but with the fall runway shows being introduced, it's definitely apparent that the AIW inspired trends will be popular well into the fall season.

What do you think about the influence that AIW is having on the fashion world!?
I personally LOVE it.



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