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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen's unfinished collection was finally unveiled.

At a private showing, McQueen's Fall/Winter 2010 collection was revealed and reminded the fashion world of the huge loss that occurred from his tragic death on February 11th. With opera music playing in the background as pale models processed in his dramatic designs, many audience members had tear filled eyes.

His collection included an element of Old World romanticism with intricate details including gold embroidery on almost every piece, angels, wings and hints of religious embellishment. McQueen used inspiration from Old Master paintings, carvings, and sculptures. He even went as far as to use photographed works of art including Botticelli, and weaved, imprinted, and embroidered onto his pieces. Deep reds and gold hues were used along with dramatic pieces, including capes, to create his theme: Byzantine art.

The 16 piece collection was 80% finished when McQueen unfortunately committed suicide. Sarah Burton, who worked alongside the fashion icon for more than a decade, completed the intricate collection along with the rest of his team.

The reveal gave the intimate audience the idea that McQueen was having thoughts of the afterlife. The details and designs created a look of Angels and Demons, much like McQueen wanted to achieve. In the final weeks before his death, McQueen even twittered "Hells angels [sic] and prolific demons" which people now understand after seeing his final collection.

I absolutely fell in love with this collection. The final piece, a high-collared long jacket adorned with gold feathers worn over a white tulle skirt, was breathtaking.

To the legendary Alexander McQueen: May you rest in peace, knowing that you are one of the most influential and inspirational designers in the fashion world. Your unique designs will forever live on.


(Pictures from & InStyle UK)


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