Helllooooo New York Fashion Week!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Every year, twice a year, I crave to be in New York City! As Mercedes-Benz Fashion week kicks off the Spring 2014 collections today, I sit, waiting to read articles, shuffle through the runway photos and take in all the information I can on trends to look forward to or stay away from ;) 

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One of my lifelong goals is to attend a MBFW. I was lucky enough to attend Istanbul Fashion Week 2 years ago while visiting the mega-city and it was the most exhilarating experience! I had an amazing time taking it all in and seeing the fashion trends of another country, but it made my craving even bigger.

Istanbul Fashion WeekIstanbul Fashion Week
Istanbul Fashion Week
Istanbul Fashion Week
Istanbul Fashion Week
Istanbul Fashion Week
Istanbul Fashion Week

If you're a fashion junkie like me, the week before Fashion Week you usually reflect on last season's trends and welcome the new season with open arms. For me, I also get a little wistful, wondering when it will be my turn and how have I not yet made it to where I want to be? 

I thought this quote by Estee Lauder was very apropos
A career in fashion is insanely hard to break into but it doesn't stop me from continuing my journey. Now, with Fashion Week well under way, I'm excited to see what Spring collections have in store! Can't wait to get my creative juices flowing with all the new inspiration!



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