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Friday, January 4, 2013

I have some amazing news that has made 2013 the best year of my life! (and it's only been a 4 days!)  My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me at the stroke of midnight when the pineapple dropped with some of our closest friends around to share in our happiness! It was the absolute perfect way to "ring" in the new year! 

After 6 wonderful years together, I can say goodbye boyfriend, helloooooo fiancé! I'm officially engaged to my best friend, other half & love of my life!

The week of Christmas, we started looking at rings. A lot of friends were thinking it would happen on Christmas day but I knew it wouldn't. He always said he wanted to look at rings together before he purchased anything.... Good thing, because I found the perfect ring but it was nothing like what I thought I wanted. 

After having that ring on my finger, it began to get more real. 6 years together is a long time but we always said we wanted to get all of "ducks in a row" before getting married. It's been wonderful growing up together!

The friday before new years, he was telling some of our closest friends about his plan and one misunderstood who was proposing. Hearing the wrong name, she ran over to me (as we LOVE to gossip and share in each other's happiness) and told me that some of our friends were getting engaged on new years eve with all of us there. I was so incredibly excited! Since we were all spending new years together, it would be such a beautiful way to celebrate 2013.
love these girls
my beautiful friends
Tom, Kels, Allie & Kev
New Years Eve came and I was so excited to be sharing in this special day with our friends. We had a wonderful dinner and then went downtown to celebrate the new year. As the 10 second count down began, I watched the pineapple, looking back and forth at my friend whom I thought was about to propose. As the pineapple dropped, I felt a tap and then heard a scream. I turned around to see the love of my life on one knee, holding the ring, asking, "Will you make me the happiest man in the world?" It was the most incredible, exciting, emotional moment of my life. 
omggggggggg, so surprised
these photos were taken by one of my best friends, Allie. 
I squealed, cried and said SHUT UP! But more importantly, I of course said YES! 
The most incredible feeling
It was the most perfect way to propose as I always said I wanted my closest friends around. I am beyond blessed to have had all of them there to share in our happiness. Two of our friends, whose wedding I'm in this year, even made us a video to remember our beautiful night. It is the most heartfelt video and I can't thank them enough.

some of my closest friends, & obviously future bridesmaids. 
the love of my life
I am beyond ecstatic! Baby did real good and I couldn't be happier to start the year off right with my new fiancé. We've had so many wonderful supporters and well wishes,  I can't thank everyone enough.



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