Christmas wish list: Eco-friendly dyed denim

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dyed denim is a hot commodity this winter as stores fill their denim rooms with everything from electric blues to pink hues. 

While dyed denim is all the rage, dye processes can be harmful to the earth. As Christmas inches closer, I've put together a list of some great eco-friendly jean companies that are working hard to eliminate our carbon footprint left behind while keeping you looking eco-chic!

photos from M2F website
M2F denim comes in a wide range of styles and colors. This fall they have even introduced vests and jackets into the mix. Using Made2Fade yarn technology, that is certified free of harmful substances, these jeans are individually colored in a dye bath.  The vintage-inspired jeans run about $130 and can be purchased from retailers everywhere.

James Jeans
photos from the James Jean website
James Jeans uses organic cotton and a unique dry aging process to create the perfect “worn” look. The mainstream denim runs anywhere from about $120-220 and can be found at places like Barney’s, Shopbop, and the James Jeans website.

Reuse Jeans:
photo from Reuse Jeans website
Reuse jeans uses 80% recycled denim to create new looks and washes.  

Agave Denim:
photos from Agave Jeans website
 The company has an in depth description of their jean process here

Monkee Genes:
photo from the Monkee Genes' website
The Monkee Genes’ motto: no slave or child labor, blood, sweat, or tears.

So as you do your last minute Christmas shopping or just want a HOT new pair of denim keep these eco-friendly labels in mind so you can still be stylish while making the earth, and your closet a little greener.


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