Zombies, Lmfao, and honey badgers OH MY!

Monday, October 31, 2011

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend, filled with ghouls, thrills and fun! This year I had to take it easy because I injured myself and have a boot on my foot and crutches as my accessory BUT I made it work!

While I couldn't be more elaborate with my costume, my boyfriend knew exactly what he wanted to be and I took the reigns on styling his look!

Check out this years funky costumes, can you guess what we were?
My babe was the guys from LMFAO while a I was a little elephant, my favorite animal!

We took it easy going to a house party with lots of friends. One of my best friends showed up as the awesome Honey Badger and of course some of our friends rocked the zombie look!

This year I wasn't able to go all out but the last two years were definitely my favorite costumes! Here's a look back on Miss J. Cookie and I'm on a boat! 

Hope everyone has a great Halloween! 


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