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Thursday, October 13, 2011

As I have confessed, I have a slight obsession with all things leopard. I've kept it hush hush for the most part, but this fall the trend has exploded and so has my collection of pieces! About two weeks ago I even participated in the newest bloggers do it better assignment, Animal Instincts, (my favorite one yet), showing my wild side in all things leopard print. 

I have been debating on buying the stick on nail strips but I couldn't resist any longer. I recently purchased the fun nail polish strips and in 10 minutes the look was complete. 
Sorry for the backwardness, I took it with Photo booth :)
The pack comes with 16 strips in two sealed cases, so I figured ok, one for each finger including the thumb would leave me with 6 left over BUT, I tried to carefully file off the excess so I could use the other side for my other hand (if you have longer finger nails it might not work, but I keep them pretty short so it was perfect!). I alternated, right finger, left finger, and so on.

**I am right handed so I knew it would be easy to do my left hand, that's
why I suggest starting with your dominant hand, in case you need help
putting the pieces on.

**Sometimes it's not the same fit so you will have to use another strip,
 but I only had that problem once. 

I have only had them on for a day but they have held up well and look awesome! I'm loving this manicured look. 

The patterns and colors they have are SO fun and they even have a halloween collection now. The best part, they're immediately dry! 
So if you're looking for a great alternative to dress up your nails, these polish strips are great. For 10$ a pack, I've got two manicures in 1! And while some people might not be able to use the strip for two nails, you still have a super cute look!

For more information on how to apply watch the tutorial below. 

Enjoy! xx

**Update to come on how they hold up :)


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