Arm candy: BDIB

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I wasn't going to participate in this bloggers do it better but after seeing all the great posts, I was inspired. 

This BDIB, Arm Party, was really hard for me. I have my two normal cuffs that I love to wear, one silver and one antique gold, and that's about it. I wear necklaces and earrings to accessorize as well so I don't have a lot of bracelets. 

It's funny that this was the BDIB because I have been looking for a nice watch to wear because I like the look but I just haven't found that perfect watch yet. This post has definitely inspired me to keep looking until I find the right one :) 

Here is my arm candy. Enjoy!! xo

Watch - Fossil
Pearls - Willow Boutique
Charm Bracelet - one of my best friends
Necklace - Express

I love the BDIB concept because it makes you step out of the box sometimes. I liked my arm candy so much that I even wore it to work. So thanks to Kristina for creating BDIB! It's a great community to be a part of ♥


Mini Chill Woman said...

I dig the bracelets, but the best arm candy is Tikaboo!

Maria said...

This challenge has inspired me to find a fun watch too - even though I never wear watches! Very cute ensemble :)

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