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Thursday, June 2, 2011

As I continue my week long feature of my wonderfully fashionable friends I come to Carrie. She was my teacher my last semester of college but she was more than that. The young, vibrant fashionista always had a chic style walking into the classroom. We would swap style stories and comment on bad fashion. We ultimately became friends through it all and now, even though I graduated, we keep in touch, especially when it comes to fashion. 

Meet Carrie. 
As one of the editors in charge of the school newspaper, Carrie helped out a lot. Though I never met her until my last semester, she was one of the people that gave me the go ahead to start the fashion column for Flagler.  Once I was in her class, she gave me great positive feedback, letting me know that the way I wrote worked, and I would (hopefully) go far with my writing.   

After graduating, we would trade emails here and there about fashion and before I knew had started her blog, Under $50 Fashion. This is such a great resource on how to look cute at a low cost. A definite must visit blog. 

This outfit was a recent post on her blog where the total cost was only $45.95! And even better, the skirt was a DIY project. 

I will let Carrie tell you a little more about her low cost look...

Today’s outfit is definitely not one of my least expensive outfits, but if I had chosen different shoes, it might have been. Still, I’m pretty impressed with my ability to throw together something out of almost nothing. 

• Shirt - Lifted from my stepdad’s closet 15 years ago 

• Belt - Dollar General $3  

• Skirt - DIY from $17.96 worth of fabric 

• Necklace - Thrifted and Lifted - My mom upcycled this necklace from some costume jewelry and I “borrowed” it indefinitely 

• Shoes - Target $24.99 

Total = $45.95

Awesome outfit for this frugal fashionista! Thanks Carrie, hope you guys enjoy and check out her blog, Under $50 Fashion.

Remember, fashion is fun. It is uniquely you. ♥


Mini Chill Woman said...

Amazing ladies! Love the look Carrie.

Michelle of Chellbellz said...

I love Carries Hair!!!!

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