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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peacocks have become the inspiration for a lot of fashion designers and clothing stores. The beautiful bird has become a mass trend for accessories and clothing. Symbolizing qualities like kindness, patience good fortune, watchfulness, guidance, and holiness, the peacock has become a favorite in the fashion industry.

Both pieces from ModCloth

Last weekend was my birthday. I chose to do a masquerade theme, and let me tell you, it turned out better than I expected. 

It was the first year that I was able to celebrate with no group projects, upcoming finals, or school getting in the way, so I wanted to go all out. A friend and I came up with the idea of "masquerade madness" about a month and a half ago and being a peacock lover I immediately knew what I wanted to do.... 

My dad brought me a mask from Mardi Gras and the outfit began.

 The details and colors were perfect for the peacock inspired idea. 

 I found a costume online that inspired the rest of my look. 
It was perfect.  I showed my mom and she helped recreate the look. 

Here are a few ways to recreate this costume:
♔Find a one piece bathing suit and nylon netting to make your own tutu inspired skirt. Add peacock feathers and intense purples, teals, and blues to your eye makeup and waaalaah! 

♔Find a leotard and a black tutu for a ballerina inspired peacock look. Once again find some feathers and place them where you would like. Spice it up with some teal shoes for an extra peacock flare. 

♔Find a LBD, and skip the skirt. <----- This is what I ended up doing. My mom and I had every intention to make a skirt, and we did, but since I bought the dress first the skirt didn't work. **If you decide to do a dress, the tutu/skirt might not look right, so beware.**Once we had the dress, we gathered a bunch of peacock feathers together to create a fan-like shape to pin to the dress.

 I found some gorgeous  peacock earrings and the look was complete. I added false lashes, teals, deep blues and purples to my eyes to spice up the look.

Here are a couple great links that have wonderful peacock pieces, to spice up your look or inspire you to DIY. 

The masquerade theme turned out to be amazing. Everyone brought masks and the fashion inspired guests really made an effort to stand out. For more pictures of my look and shots from my masquerade madness birthday bash click on the link

Hope this inspires you to go all out and do something fun and fashion forward for your birthday. It's your day so celebrate it to the fullest, while still looking fashionable and fabulous!


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