"Fashion has a place in every part of history"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

By Jody Marich 

David Marmon, 26, is an up and coming fashion designer. He is also a co-manager of Express in Sarastoata, FL. He attends the International Academy of Design and Technology for fashion design. Wanting to focus more on mens clothing, Marmon has an eye for fashion. Customers at Express always ask for the loveable co-manager, knowing he or she will be satisfied with his suggestions. After a friend told him, "one day you will do something important," Marmon began to think what career would do just that.... 

"Fashion is a constantly changing industry that combines art and practicality.  It appeals to everyone because we all wear clothes and we can relate to attributes of great fashion [silhouette, hand, color].  Fashion has done so much for civilization. It has been used to protect us, to help us do our jobs better, to seperate factions of royalty, military, and civilian, and to attract members of the desired sex.  Fashion has a place in every part of history, and will continue to do so...probably forever." -David Marmon

Growing up with a mom that constantly tried to teach him how to sew, it was inevitable that Marmon was going to do something with fashion. 

David Marmon, 26, takes time from his busy work and school schedule to take a break at his second home, the South Gate Mall. Never dressing anything less than fabulous, Marmon showcases his style. 

Working at Express for over 6 years, David Marmon, 26, is a local celebrity at the South Gate Mall in Sarasota, FL. Standing outside on break, customers recognize him on a daily basis. 

Wanting to focus more on mens' clothing, Marmon is a fashionisto himself. Standing against the 1MX shirt wall in the Sarasota Express, Marmon shows his colorful side. 

Sitting on the mens' side of the Sarasota Express, Marmon takes time to relax on break. The jean wall is a constant struggle to keep neat as he sits next to it. 

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

"I can't lie...I love a beautiful sweater. More specifically I have a blue striped turtleneck from the 70s...it's gorgeous. You can't go wrong in a good knit. "

If you are ever in Sarasota, stop by Express. Marmon is a great stylist with bold choices. He is daring, trendy and will give you the hottest look around.  


Anonymous said...

I miss Him and Florida so much.

Jody said...

We miss you too troy!!! <3

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